The Du Parc Hotel Dalat, has since 1932 embraced and received travellers, from the colonial administrators, hunters, adventures, traders of the turbulent past, to the modern travellers and tribalists, in search of answers to the riddles of our past and the transitions of history.

The hotel was graced with elegant décor, high ceilings, reverent wooden floors, that have recorded the stays and paused steps of the noble and illustrious travellers such as the Poignant Thomas Ennis, The Progressive Alexandre Varenne, Jean Delacour, Morgan Sporetes and the narrative of Madam Marguerite Duras, all caretakers and Storytellers, of the incredible “Human Voyage” through history and time.

Hotel Du Parc reopened in 1997 under the name of Novotel Dalat (renamed Du Parc Hotel Dalat in 2010) after an extensive two-year renovation program. A unique feature of the hotel is the metal-caged see-through elevator synonymous with elevator designs in the 1930s.

Du Parc Hotel Dalat
15 Tran Phu, Ward 3, Dalat, Lam Dong, Vietnam.

Tel: +84 263 3825 777   Fax: +84 263 3825 888  Email: duparc.reservations@royaldl.com